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Salwan Aviation Group is proud to be appointed the exclusive sales distributor for Star Navigation Systems Group in India. Our influential industry connections empower us to fast track sales to all major Airlines in India at the highest levels of management.

With the help of our Advisory Board, Salwan Aviation Group will expand their business in the most strategic manner possible maximizing efforts to their fullest potential.

With the cutting edge technology provided by Star Navigation accompanied with   http://ipindiaservices.gov.in/PublicSearch/PublicationSearch/Eregister (Indian Patent #209558)  and a genuine need for real time monitoring, Salwan Aviation believes that the time has come for Aviation in India to meet and exceed requirements from ICAO/IATA.

Shortly after the Malaysia Airlines event, a special Multidisciplinary Meeting on Global Flight Tracking (MMGFT) was convened at the ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada, (of which Star Navigation took part in) to propose recommendations for future actions. One of the main decisions taken was the need for operators to pursue global tracking of airline flights at a faster pace. Prior to this Air France flight 477 from Brazil to France was lost in the Atlantic Ocean. The aircraft’s flight data recorders were only recovered after a two year search. Star Navigation took part in that ICAO investigation as well.

Aviation in India will likely triple over the next 5 years and Salwan Aviation has positioned itself to play a major role in defining how tracking, monitoring and safety will be accomplished